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Form Configuration

Edit the form on Manage Forms page and select the Klaviyo Integration Settings tab to access registration parameters.

klaviyo integration settings tab

Enable Klaviyo Integration#

Enable or disable Klaviyo integration for the form.


Select the integration endpoint: Identify or Track.


Select Track endpoint if you need to track the customer activity.


Specify the event name for Track endpoint.

Customer Email#

Map Klaviyo customer account email to the form email input.


If you leave at Default value the first found Email input type field will be used. If there is no Email input field in the form then the logged in customer email will be used instead.

Add Profile To Lists#

assign multiple lists to the customer after he submits the form.


If you have double opt-in enabled in the list settings the subscriber will need to confirm his subscription status by clicking the link in the email before he is assigned to the list.

Fields Mapping#

Map Klaviyo contact attributes to form fields.