GDPR Settings

Personal Data Handling (GDPR) Settings

Do not store submissions

Do not store submissions in the database. Just email them.

Purge data periodically

Automatically delete submissions. Requires Magento cron to be configured.


Warning! Please be careful with this setting. The deleted data is not recoverable!

Purge period (days)

Delete records older than specified period.


Overwritten with the default configuration value if it is enabled!

GDPR Agreement

Show GDPR agreement text

Show the text (like privacy policy) before the submit button.

GDPR agreement text

This text will be placed before the submit button. You can inform the customer if you are collecting his personal information and why.

Show GDPR agreement checkbox

Show the checkbox for the customer to confirm the agreement.


Make the checkbox required.

Don't store submission in the database if not checked

The form submission is just e-mailed and no data is stored in the database.

GDPR agreement checkbox label

The text that appears next to the agreement checkbox.

GDPR agreement error text

This error will be displayed if the checkbox is required.