General Settings


Serial #

Put in your license serial number in this field.


Ajax submission

Forms will be submitted without page reloading.

Enable form key check

Enable form key check for improved customer session validation. Please disable if you have Invalid form key error on submission.

Use Magento translations

Use Magento translations to automatically translate forms in frontend.

Login redirect URL

Custom login redirect URL(Key) if user is not authorized.

Enable preview of web-forms

Enable preview of web-forms in frontend.

Preview template

Select default template for the form preview.

Preview Store View

Select default Store View for the form preview.

Customer area Web-forms block title

Set Web-forms block title in customer account area.

Use unique IDs

Use randomly generated unique IDs for form elements. This should be enabled if you use multiple form instances on one page and have problems.


Default e-mail address for notifications

This address will be used by default to send you new results notifications. You can set multiple addresses comma-separated.

Reply-to e-mail address for customer

This address will be used in reply-to field in customer notification.

Send all e-mails from this address

In case you have problems receiving notifications this e-mail address should be set to your mailbox used for sending out system e-mails. It doesn't affect reply-to values(except Gmail web-interface which has issues with it).

Block e-mail addresses

Block specified e-mail addresses from submission. You can use Regular Expressions to block address ranges.


Convert newline characters to <br> html tags when saving message

Convert newline characters in admin reply messages automatically. Useful when you are not using visual editor.

Google reCAPTCHA


The version of reCAPTCHA script.


Depending on the version you might need to obtain new keys from Google.


Configures how the captcha is being displayed:

  • Auto. The captcha is displayed for non-logged in customers only.

  • Always on. The captcha is always displayed.

  • Off. The captcha is disabled for the form.

Site key

The site key that you obtain from Google.

Secret key

The secret key that you obtain from Google.

Honeypot CAPTCHA

Honeypot captcha uses special hidden field to trick spam bots. This feature can dramatically decrease spam submissions at no cost to customer comfort.


Enables or disables the Honeypot CAPTCHA.


Field name display length

This will limit long field names in results table. It doesn't affect export.


Upload limit

Maximum upload file size in kB.


Enable cache

Enable or disable the thumbnail cache.

Upload limit

Maximum upload file size in kB

Grid thumbnail width

Thumbnail width in results grid.

Grid thumbnail height

Thumbnail height in results grid.

E-mail thumbnail width

Thumbnail width in e-mail notifications.

E-mail thumbnail height

Thumbnail height in e-mail notifications.


Replace default Magento contacts page ( with the preferred web-form.


Please enable Asynchronous form loading if you are using pre-filled values.


Enables or disables custom contacts form. If disabled the default Magento contact form will be used.

Contacts web-form

Select web-form to replace default contacts page.


Select template for the contacts form.

Display form after submission

Don't hide form after successful submission.

Scroll to success message

Scroll to the top of success message after form submission.

Asynchronous form loading

Load form asynchronously with ajax request to fix full page caching issues.


Use accessible date picker

Enable accessible date picker for compatibility with screen readers.

Personal Data Handling (GDPR)

Purge data periodically

Automatically delete submissions.

Purge period (days)

Delete records older than specified period.

Purge customer data if account deleted

Purge all associated customer submissions if the account is deleted.

Collect and store IPs

Save IP addresses of your customers with the submission.