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MageMe EasyQuote Magento 2 Module | GraphQL

The EasyQuote GraphQL API provides a powerful interface for developers to interact with the EasyQuote module in a Magento 2 environment using GraphQL. This documentation outlines how to utilize the GraphQL endpoints to manage and retrieve quote data effectively.


GraphQL is a query language for APIs that offers a more efficient and powerful alternative to REST. It allows clients to request exactly the data they need, making it faster and more flexible.

GraphQL API Endpoints

1. Retrieve Quote by ID

  • Operation: c2qQuote
  • Description: Fetches detailed information about a specific quote.
  • Arguments:
    • quote_id (Int!): The ID of the quote to retrieve.
    • addItems (Boolean): Whether to include the quote items in the response. Defaults to false.
  • Returns: Quote object including specified fields.

Example Query:

query {
c2qQuote(quote_id: 123, addItems: true) {
items {

2. List Quotes with Filters

  • Operation: c2qQuotes
  • Description: Retrieves a list of quotes optionally filtered by certain criteria.
  • Arguments:
    • addItems (Boolean): Whether to include the quote items in the response.
    • filter (String): JSON string for key:value pairs to filter quotes, such as by customer ID or status.
    • order_id (Int): Specific order ID to filter quotes.
  • Returns: An array of quote objects that match the criteria.

Example Query:

query {
c2qQuotes(filter: "{\"customer_id\": \"456\"}", order_id: 789) {
items {
items {

Data Types

Quote (C2qQuote):

  • Represents a quote with various fields like quote_id, increment_id, customer_id, status, etc.
  • Contains subfields like items which is an array of C2qQuoteItem objects if addItems is true.

Quote Item (C2qQuoteItem):

  • Represents an item within a quote.
  • Includes fields such as product_id, sku, qty, price, and tax details.

Quotes (C2qQuotes):

  • A wrapper type that includes an array of C2qQuote objects and a count of total items returned.


To use these endpoints, the API consumer must have the appropriate permissions set up in Magento under MageMe_EasyQuote::manage_quotes.


The EasyQuote GraphQL API provides comprehensive access to quote management functionalities, allowing developers to perform advanced operations like retrieving, filtering, and managing quotes directly through GraphQL. This can be integrated into frontend applications to enhance user interaction with quotes, leveraging the full capabilities of Magento 2 and EasyQuote.