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System Configuration

You can access the system configuration through the Stores > Configuration > WebForms admin page.


Zoho Integration Add-on

General settings that are required to connect Zoho CRM / Desk and Magento.

  1. Please create Self Client in the Zoho Api Console if you don't have it.
  2. Paste the following cod in the Scope parameter of the Self Client and press the Create button. After that copy/paste received Code value into the Magento configuration.
ZohoCRM.modules.ALL, ZohoCRM.settings.ALL, ZohoCRM.Files.CREATE, ZohoCRM.users.READ, Desk.basic.READ, 
Desk.settings.READ,,, Desk.contacts.READ, Desk.contacts.CREATE



Your Zoho domain which you connect to.

Client ID

Your Zoho Self Client "Client ID".

Client Secret

Your Zoho Self Client "Client Secret".


Your Zoho Self Client "Code". Please click on Save Config after you paste in the code.


Click on "Generate Token" button to create new access token for integration. You can generate the token after you paste and save the Code from the Self Client popup. Please click on Save Config after you generate the token.