Text / E-mail

Text input field with built-in e-mail address validation.


This field is used as the customer notification email address. If you don't have this field in the form customer notification won't be sent.

Field value

Use this to pre-fill the field with the customer data.

Following codes pre-fill data for the registered customer:

{{email}} - customer e-mail address

{{firstname}} - first name of the customer

{{lastname}} - last name of the customer

{{company}} - billing profile company

{{city}} - billing profile city

{{street}} - billing profile street

{{country_id}} - billing profile country 2 symbol code

{{region}} - billing profile region

{{postcode}} - billing profile postcode

{{telephone}} - billing profile telephone

{{fax}} - billing profile fax


Please enable Asynchronous form loading in the widget parameters if you are using pre-filled values.

Assign Customer ID automatically

Assign Customer ID automatically if e-mail address matches customer account in the database.