Sidebar Form

With Magento widgets system it is extremely easy to embed form created with WebForms Pro M1 in the left or right store sidebar.

sidebar form

  1. Please go to CMS > Widgets menu.

cms widgets menu

  1. Click Add New Widget button.

add new widget

  1. In the opening dialog please select Type Web-forms: Form and select proper Design Package / Theme you are using for your store.

Warning! If the design package is different than your store theme the form won't show up!

new widget instance

  1. When the New Widget Instance page is shown please click the Widget Options tab and select the form you would like to embed in the sidebar.

widget options

  1. After that go to Frontend Properties and click Add Layout Update button. Select desired areas of the site you would like to see the form. In the Block Reference select Right or Left column and set Template to Sidebar (compact sidebar block).

widget layout

  1. Save the widget and refresh Magento cache.