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WebForms REST API allows deep integration with your 3rd party software. Please configure your REST API role permissions first before using it.

Get form information#

Get all available form information such as name, code, description texts, configuration options, fields and fieldsets.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/form/#FORM ID#

#FORM ID# is the actual form id number you can see on Manage Forms page.

Submit the form#

Submit the form using the REST API. You can submit any custom data you would like to collect. Please use Hidden fields to store extra information with the submission.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/form/#FORM ID#/submit

Accepted parameters#

field[FIELD ID]The value for the field. For example: field[15]=John & field[16]=Doe.
submitted_fromUse this parameter to set the page information where the form was submitted. It should be in JSON format: {"url":"URL of the page","title":"Title of the page"}
referrer_pageThis parameter stores URL of the referrer page that the customer came from. For example:
customer_idThe ID of the customer.
result_idSet the result ID if you want to update existing record.

File upload#


Please enable the Dropzone option for the file upload field.

The file upload should be performed before the form submission takes place.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/upload/#FIELD ID#

Accepted parameters#

filenameThe name of the file.
mime_typeMime type of the uploaded file.
contentThe base64 encoded content of the file.

The returned array has the following structure: [success(boolean), error messages(array), hash(string)]. You can upload multiple files by posting to the upload endpoint.

All obtained hashes should be joined with the ";" separator and sent in the field[FIELD ID] with the main submission. Example: hash1;hash2;hash3.

Get form results#

Get all form submissions.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/form/#FORM ID#/results

Get result by ID#

Get individual result information.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/result/#RESULT ID#