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WebForms REST API allows deep integration with your 3rd party software. Please configure your REST API role permissions first before using it.

Get form information

Get all available form information such as name, code, description texts, configuration options, fields and fieldsets.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/form/#FORM ID#

#FORM ID# is the actual form id number you can see on Manage Forms page.

Submit the form

Submit the form using the REST API. You can submit any custom data you would like to collect. Please use Hidden fields to store extra information with the submission.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/form/#FORM ID#/submit

Accepted parameters

field[FIELD ID]The value for the field. For example: field[15]=John & field[16]=Doe.
submitted_fromUse this parameter to set the page information where the form was submitted. It should be in JSON format: {"url":"URL of the page","title":"Title of the page"}
referrer_pageThis parameter stores URL of the referrer page that the customer came from. For example:
customer_idThe ID of the customer.
result_idSet the result ID if you want to update existing record.

File upload


Please enable the Dropzone option for the file upload field.

The file upload should be performed before the form submission takes place.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/upload/#FIELD ID#

Accepted parameters

filenameThe name of the file.
mime_typeMime type of the uploaded file.
contentThe base64 encoded content of the file.

The returned array has the following structure: [success(boolean), error messages(array), hash(string)]. You can upload multiple files by posting to the upload endpoint.

All obtained hashes should be joined with the ";" separator and sent in the field[FIELD ID] with the main submission. Example: hash1;hash2;hash3.

Get form results

Get all form submissions.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/form/#FORM ID#/results

Get result by ID

Get individual result information.

Endpoint: /rest/V1/webforms/result/#RESULT ID#