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Multi-column Form

With WebForms Pro you can create complex multi-column forms.

WebForms supports up to 6 columns of fields in the fieldset and up to 4 columns of fieldsets in the form. Combining fieldsets columns with fields columns brings lots of combinations.

The column layout is created by setting the field width parameter. By utilizing internal responsive grid CSS all fields stay perfectly aligned in all use cases.

multiple columns

Width controls

Please enable width columns in Field and Fieldset tabs.

enable width columns

You can also notice new mass action items in Fieldset and Fields tabs grids. This way you can update the whole form layout in 2 clicks.

fieldsets tab width massaction

Mass "Edit" action

Another way to mass edit widths is to use the mass Edit action. Please select desired fields to edit:

select desired fields to edit

Select the Edit action in the action list.

field mass edit action

Use the All in Column values to quickly assign desired width settings. After that you click the Apply button and Save Edits to save widths in the database.

apply field width changes

Combining fields and fieldsets layouts

By combining fields and fieldsets layouts you can create complex forms.

Here is a quick example which demonstrates different width settings: Request for Quote form

Below is the commented screenshot with width settings values.

combination of fields and fieldsets