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Migrate from WebForms M2


Please update WebForms M2 to 2.9.46 version first and then uninstall the WebForms M2 plugin before installing the new WebForms 3.

Install the WebForms 3 plugin via ftp or via composer.

Execute following command to import all forms and submission from WebForms M2 after WebForms 3 is installed:

php bin/magento webforms:migrate

Please re-save your reCAPTCHA keys on Stores > Configuration > WebForms page otherwise you may experience UTF-8 related error on the frontend.

Re-embed all forms

Please replace the old widget code with the new one using the Insert Widget button on CMS pages.

Use the new PHP code if you embed the form in .phtml files.

Replace the old XML code with the new XML code if you embed the form in the layout file.