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Custom E-mail Template

Follow these steps to create and set new e-mail template for your web-forms:

  1. Go to admin backend Marketing > Email Templates

magento e-mail templates menu

  1. Press Add New Template

  2. In the Load Default Template block select WebForms: Submission Notification and press Load template.

  3. Default template will be loaded in Template Information block and now you can modify it.

magento create e-mail template

  1. Save modified template. Now go to Web-forms section and edit needed web-form.

  2. Go to Email Settings tab and select required e-mail template in Admin notification template field.

form e-mail settings tab

  1. Save web-form.

For customer notification e-mail template repeat all steps but in step 6 set Customer notification template instead.

WebForms email template variables

{{var webform_subject}} - Subject generated from selected fields

{{var webform_result|html}} - Default result presentation

Field variables

{{var}} - Field name

{{var result.field_code.result_label}} - Field result label

{{var result.field_code.value}} - Field value


Example: you have customer name input field with name Type your name here, result label Name and code fullname.

{{var result.fullname.result_label}} : {{var result.fullname.value}} - will print Name : John Doe in the notification e-mail.