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Migrate from WebForms M1

You can migrate forms from Magento 1 installation to Magento 2 quite easily. There are 2 options how you can do it:


The only way to copy all submission data is to copy database tables contents.

Migrate using phpMyAdmin#

Please install WebForms in your Magento 2 first.

  1. After that, launch the phpMyAdmin application and select Magento 1 database.

  2. Execute following SQL for compatibility with Magento 2 structure

ALTER TABLE `webforms` DROP `registered_only`;
ALTER TABLE `webforms` DROP `email_smtpvalidation`;
  1. Press on the Export tab and select all webforms* tables Data column only.

phpmyadmin webforms data export

  1. Click on the Go button at the bottom of the page and you should get the .sql file.

  2. Select your Magento 2 database and click on the Import tab.

  3. Choose the .sql file and uncheck the Enable foreign key checks option.

phpmyadmin import

  1. Press the Go button and all forms and submission data should be imported in Magento 2 database.

  2. Execute SSH command

php bin/magento webforms:migrate

It's recommended to import Magento 1 data first before creating new forms in Magento 2 to avoid ID conflicts.